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The mission of WiZdom Ed. is to develop students and teachers to awaken their competitive potential. WiZdom prides itself on being the Ed-venture with heart and soul.
People at WiZdom has a record of accomplishment that spans over 15 years of training and educating young minds in multiple geographies. Till date, people representing WiZdom has trained and upskilled thousands of students across India, Maldives, Nepal, Malaysia, United Kingdom and South Africa. WiZdom aims to etch a mark in holistic personality upskilling programs and smart solutions coach for competitive exams in geography.

WiZdom Ed offers services in three main areas; Test Prep Academy, Advisory Services and WiZX e-learning solutions.
The Academy division includes Test Prep and competitive exams preparation Training as well as customized skill development training for students. It is also emerging as a key point space for customized corporate training.
The Advisory Services under WiZdom Ed includes support to Institutions on the establishment of Centres of Excellence, Incubation space and entrepreneurial venture guidance as well as arranging FDPs for faculty members, and enrichment trainings for admin staff. We are also testing the potential of Assessments Outsourcing Projects from International Universities.
Under WiZX Experience, independent intellectual resources from across the geography are working with WiZdom team in developing e-learning programs on key global competitive exams for university admissions. The team is working closely with University officials in UK, South Africa and Australia for the establishment of power-packed online learning programs aimed FREE access to learners in need.


Services Providing:

  • Study Visa
  • Language Training
  • Abroad Admissions

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